Coming soon.....  Dance Classes!


Performance Dance team:  Mini Hip hop Ages 5-9  $32/month


Competitive Dance Teams:  Tuition & Team fees required.  Must meet team skill level.

Pom-  Ages 9-15  A Pom routine contains important characteristics such as strong pom technique (clean, precise and sharp motions), along with Pom Elements (i.e. pom passes, jump sequences, leaps/turns, kick lines, etc).

Lyrical-  Ages 11-15  A lyrical routine uses organic, pedestrian and/or traditional modern or ballet. It complements the lyric and/or rhythmic value of the music. Emphasis is placed on control, sustained, expressive movement, body placement, contraction/release, use of breath, uniformity, communication and technical skills.

Hip hop Ages 10-18  A Hip Hop routine can incorporate any street style movement with an emphasis on execution, style, creativity, body isolation and control, rhythm, uniformity and musical interpretation.

Past Dance Achievemants:

2016-17  National Champions, partial bid to Hawaii Championships, full paid bid to the US Finals.

2015-16  National Champions, full paid and partial bid to the Dance Summit in Orlando, Florida, Sr Open earned 3rd at the Dance Summit.

2014-15 National Champions, partial bid to the Dance Summit, At large Dance Bid to the Dance Worlds in Orlando, Florida, Dance Worlds finalists.

2013-14  At-large Bid to the Dance Worlds in Orlando, Florida