Recreational Cheer Classes  -

Traditional style cheerleading, learning cheers, chants, dances, jumps, stunts and minimal tumbling.
  • Minis  Ages 5-7    Tuesdays 5:45-6:30   $32/month
  • Youth  Ages 8-11  Tuesdays 5:45-6:45  $38/month
  • Junior  Ages 12-14 Tuesdays 5:45-6:45  $38/month


Cost is $215, this is all inclusive to cover practices, games, uniform, poms and shoes.   We will split this into 2 payments, half in September, half in October.

Cheer at the Speigelberg Stadium with the final game at Autzen Stadium in October.



Performance teams:

NEW.......Tiny Cheer  Ages 3-5  $32/month plus cost of uniform

Competitive Allstar Cheer Teams:  Tuition and Team fees are required, fundraising available. 

  • Prep teams ages 5-11.  Great for beginners who are ready to compete, but with a little less time and financial commitment.  One practice a week and one tumbling class per week. Compete at 3-4 competitions, some travel required.
  • National Teams ages 7-18, based on skill levels.  Skill evaluation is required for our national competitive teams. 2 practices a week and tumbling required based on team level placed.  5-6 competitions and travel is required.

2016-17 Season Results

27-1st Place Regional Wins
7-National Championship wins
2-Level Champions
1-Grand Champions

1 - Paid Gold Bid to the US Finals
2 - Full paid bids to Hawaii and Cali Finale
7-Partial paid bids to Hawaii and Cali Finale

2014-15 Season Results                                     2015-16 Season Results

5 Division Champions                                       7- 1st place Regional wins
5 National Champions                                      6- National Championship wins
Dance Summit bid                                            1- At-large Dance Summit Bid
Cheer Summit Bid                                             1- Paid Dance Summit Bid
Dance Worlds Bid &                                          Sr Hip hop 3rd Place at Dance Summit
Small Sr Hip Hop Division Finalist
at the 2015 Dance Worlds